Lower the Voting Age.

It’s time we gave young people a say in their own lives.

Right now, the future is cooked. We’re seeing hotter summers, cooler winters, and more severe floods and fires. We can’t afford our rent, let alone ever dream of owning our own home. We’re graduating with massive amounts of debt, and few prospects for secure work. All this is contributing to serious anxiety and stress, but good luck getting a mental health appointment when you need one.

Meanwhile, the Government is nowhere to be seen, or they’re making matters worse. 

They’re subsidising new coal and gas projects, and their targets don’t align with the science to protect us from catastrophic climate change. They’re failing to give renters rights, and have made it easier for rich property investors to purchase their sixth home than for anyone to get their first. They’d rather give $254B to billionaires and politicians with their stage three tax cuts than wipe student debt and put dental and mental health into Medicare. 

We’re inheriting a planet, economy, and living conditions that are broken, and all this has been decided for us. Not with us. 

  • The Greens believe that we should lower the voting age to 16.

Students are taking to the streets because we’re being left out of critical decisions that impact us the most. We don’t have any other choice. 

Voting at 16 is possible. It’s just that Australia has fallen behind. Lowering the voting age has just been committed to in Aotearoa New Zealand, and already exists in Argentina, Austria, Bosnia, Brazil, Cuba, East Timor, Ecuador, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Malta, Nicaragua, Scotland and Wales. 

The Greens have been leading the campaign to lower the voting age since 2018, and now we need your voice to pressure the Government to act. 

We can drive, work, enlist in the ADF, and serve our communities, yet have no democratic say in the composition of the government or in the economy we will inherit. We deserve a seat at the table to participate in our democracy. 

Sign the petition to make this critical change, to take power back and un-fuck our future.

Lower the Voting Age.


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