Aiv Puglielli
Greens MP for North-East Metro

What matters to you?

As your local MP, I’m fighting for you and the issues you care about. Please tell me what matters to you most, so I can be your voice in state Parliament.


Don’t see your issues here? Tell me what else matters to you.

Aiv Puglielli
Greens MP for North-East Metro

What matters to you?

As our local MP, I’m fighting for our community. Please tell me what matters to you most, so I can be your voice in state Parliament.


Don’t see your issues here? Tell me what else matters to you.

Hi, I’m Aiv. I'm a renter, an artist, and your representative in the Victorian Parliament.


What I’m fighting for

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Leigh`s story is one of thousands.

Whether you`re a midwife, a teacher, an ambulance driver, a hospo worker, a uni student, or a person on jobseeker, the cards are stacked against you.

The economic system is not built for you.

There are a lot of things that Labor could do to help people like Leigh. They could end unlimited rent increases. They could regulate supermarkets to stop price gouging. They could put a cap on AirBnbs to free up thousands of rentals.

Instead, they`re privatising social housing and cutting sick pay for casual workers.

The Greens will keep fighting for renters. 🏡

#housing #housingmarket #midwife #midwifery #costofliving

Leaked reports suggest Labor is discussing a pill testing trial in cabinet today.

This is long overdue, after decades of Labor and Liberal premiers denying the evidence.

If the new premier is serious about protecting young lives, she needs to draw a line in the sand and convince her cabinet to get on with pill testing as a matter of urgency.

The Greens have supported harm reduction from the beginning, because that`s what the evidence says will work.

We`ll keep the pressure up.

Stay tuned.


Boeing, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin. These companies are supplying Israel with weapons to murder civilians in Gaza.

They`re also major sponsors of STEM programs advertised in Australian schools, like the ME program, STEM Hub, Code Quest, National Youth Science Forum, FIRST Lego League, and more.

I asked @bencarrollmp , VIC Labor Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, whether it was appropriate for companies profiting from the destruction of Palestine to be hosting programs for schoolkids.

His response was telling. Labor cares more about economic growth than human lives.

The Greens support @teachers4palestine_vic and @aeuvictoria members in their boycott of these programs and call on the Department of Education to ban them from classrooms.

#teaching #teachers #education #palestine

Food is essential. 🍛

Just like water and electricity, we can`t live without it.

While major supermarkets hike up their prices on everyday items, families are struggling to put food on the table.

So, the Greens have released our draft of the Supermarket Industry bill, which would give the Essential Services Commission the power to regulate supermarkets and stop price gouging, the same way they regulate energy and water.

⚡💧 🍞

Check out the link in my bio to learn more!

The community deserve better than some of the words we heard this week, what red line is yet to be crossed? ...

This week, we released our draft bill to stop supermarket price gouging. Let us know what you think ...

Did you know the VIC Labor government has a secretive memorandum of understanding with the Israeli defence ministry?

Or that they have a partnership with Elbit systems, the largest Israeli military manufacturer?

Meanwhile, the Labor member for Sydenham, @nataliehutchinsmp is meeting with the CEO of Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of Israel`s F-35 jets and Hellfire missiles.

Shame on Labor for refusing to cut ties with these bloodthirsty organisations.

Shame on Labor for caring more about contributions to the state budget than the 35,000 Palestinians killed in the last 8 months.

Free Palestine. 🇵🇸

Labor said people shouldn`t have to choose between going to work sick and putting food on the table, yet by scrapping the Sick Pay Guarantee, they`re forcing people to do just that. ...

Today is IDAHOBIT the International Day Against LGBTQIA+ Discrimination.

Some people ask why we need days like IDAHOBIT, so I felt like it was important to show people what it truly means to be queer and visible.

I`ll continue to fight for the LGBTQIA+ community no matter what. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💚

Unlimited rent increases are still legal and the people benefiting from that are *not* renters. In fact, it`s leaving you thousands of dollars worse off. ...

Huge props to all the students across Victoria calling out our institutions` complicity in the genocide in Gaza. The Greens will always defend people`s right to peacefully protest.

Meanwhile, Labor MP Josh Burns has reportedly claimed that "police need to step in" to address what he described as "rising tensions" at campus protests (Sydney Morning Herald).

It`s not always easy to stand up for what`s right, especially when both major parties are demanding you keep quiet.

Ceasefire Now. 🇵🇸🕊️

Footage from @studentsforpalestine_monash
and @unimelbforpalestine .

The Victorian State Budget was released this week.

Yet in a housing crisis, Labor’s Budget has NOTHING for renters, and NO new money for public or affordable housing.

This budget will make the housing crisis worse and Victorians who are already doing it tough will be worse off.

But change is possible and that is why the Greens will keep fighting.

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As the youngest MP in the new parliament, it is important to me that young people have a seat at the table, speaking up for ourselves, and for generations yet to come.



I never set out to be a member of parliament. Then I found out what it means to have a government tell you that you don’t matter.

In 2020, I was an artist and composer fresh out of university. Then, the pandemic hit, and many of my colleagues were pushed directly into housing stress. With no access to JobKeeper payments, it seemed like the government had left thousands of us behind.

Meanwhile, huge corporations got billions in handouts.

That’s when I realised that politics needed to change.