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3 Apr 2024

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Take the survey!

Are you a Victorian teacher, student, or parent who has something to say about our public school system?

Over the past twelve months, we’ve been speaking to teachers and parents about our public school system. We’ve heard some distressing things.

Sadly, Victoria has the lowest-funded public schools in Australia– underfunded by over $1 billion per year. We’ve spoken to teachers who are buying their students supplies, and are working themselves to the bone because there just aren’t enough staff. We’ve spoken to parents who are worried that their kids are going to miss out on a quality education because they can’t afford to send their kids to an expensive private school on the other side of the city. There’s so many stories just like this.

So, we’ve launched this survey, and it’s open to anyone: students, teachers, and parents. We want to hear your experiences with the public school system. We’ll use this information to advocate for public schools in parliament and fight for a better deal.

Because every family deserves access to a high quality, genuinely free, local public school.

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