Melbourne Youth Orchestras

Recently in Parliament I called on the Victorian Labor government to restore the funding it has cut to Melbourne Youth Orchestras. Funding that was this year earmarked for students from government schools with inadequate music programs, as well as young people from regional areas and those living with a disability. The arts are invaluable and […]

Eltham Wildlife and Roads

Eltham residents have a right to know why healthy trees and wildlife are being removed in favour of road upgrades. I asked the minister for roads and road safety for answers. We’ll let you know if we receive a response.

Affordable Housing in Greensborough

In Parliament I called on the government to build public and affordable housing in a prime location in Greensborough, a site currently slated to just be a carpark that could also have housing built on top of it. We should be fully utilising this land to ensure more housing is built for the residents of […]

Greens call out Labor’s hypocrisy over Maroondah Hospital name change.

The Victorian Greens have today introduced a motion into the Upper House calling out the hypocrisy of the Victorian Labor Government over its “disrespectful” decision to rename Maroondah Hospital. In the state budget last week, the Government referred to Maroondah Hospital as “Queen Elizabeth II Hospital”, seemingly confirming that the name change it flagged last […]